A dream come true…  One of the first words Jenny learned to say was "swimming pool."  As we drove around whenever she would spot a body of water -- any body of water, -- a pond, lake, or a river, she would point and shout, "SWIMMING POOL ! !" 

As soon as she got old enough to express herself in sentences she started asking me to buy her a "real" swimming pool.  When I would explain that I couldn't do that she would say, "When I get big I'm gonna buy me a real pool!

Well folks,  she grew up, and true to her word she and her husband Kelly (who also dreamed of having his own pool as a child) just bought a "real" pool. 

It's was just finished this week, so the landscaping isn't done yet, but it's beautiful!  It's a dream come true!

1973--The early stages of the dream.

Clockwise from left:  Our son Ron, the Brider brothers (standing) Jenny, Mike McMahon (seated)

Now this is a little more like it!

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