On Christmas Eve, 2001 at about 10:30 pm, we made an offer on this house.  It was a foreclosure and we found out that the deadline for owner/occupant bids was midnight Christmas Day.  We hadn't even been inside yet, but from what we had seen and the information Bill & Jane (my sis & bro-in-law) got from the neighbors they knew it looked too good to pass up, so we took a chance...

We found out the day after Christmas (Wednesday) that they had accepted our offer.  The house would be ours!  We were finally able on Friday to get in and see what we had bought and where we would be living.  Kinda crazy, huh?

That looks like a deck on the back of the house.  Actually, it is a lanai.  (We "Hawaiians-at-heart" like to Hawaiianize everything that we can.)

The patio area is nice, although it has fallen into neglect (typical of all foreclosures).  It will be transformed into a tropical style place to relax as soon as the weather permits.

Standing in foyer, looking into dining/living room area.  Kitchen door is in between (L) Roger Roddy, our real estate professional, and (R) Bill.  Kalina is in the dining area.  The hallway runs to the left of the picture.

Standing in the dining area looking back across the living room to the front entrance.