Here's a Hawaiian midi I sequenced using Band-in-a-Box version 10 and Cakewalk Pro version 8. More to come. Enjoy...

Hawaii Aloha
By Rev. Lorenzo Lyons
(Click to play)

This song is traditionally sung at the end of concerts and gatherings. Everyone joins hands and sings along. One of the neatest experiences I ever had was singing this song at the end of the final concert at the Waikiki Shell during the 1999 Aloha Festival. The Makaha Sons were the star performers on stage along with Darlene Ahuna, Cyril Pahinui, & Imua. When, at the end of the concert, the onstage performers began playing and singing Hawaii Aloha, the people all joined hands and started singing. I was sitting on the end with Kalina and our friends on my right. What seemed cool was some locals sitting across the aisle stepped out and reached across and took my other hand. It gave a real feeling of kinship and brotherhood to be from such different cultural settings in this tropical paradise, sharing in the creation of this beautiful song. The Hawaiian lyrics and English translation are printed below.

* If you have secquencing software, such as Cakewalk, you can find the lyrics embedded karaoke style on track 4. Right click on the link above, then choose "save target as" to save it.

Hawaii Aloha

E Ha-wai-'i e ku-'u o-ne ha-nau e,
Ku-'u ho-me ku-lai-i-wi nei,
'O-li-no au i na po-no la-ni e,
E Ha-wai-'i, a-lo-ha e.

E hau-'o-li na o-pi-o o Ha--wai-'i nei
'O-li-e! O-li-e!

Mai na a-he-a-he ma-ka-ni e pa mai nei,
Mau ke a-lo-ha, no Ha-wai'i.
Mau ke a-lo-ha, no Ha-wai'i.

O Hawai'i, o sands of my birth
My native home
I rejoice in the blessings of heaven
O Hawai'i, aloha

Happy youth of Hawai'i
Rejoice! Rejoice!

Gentle breezes blow
Love always for Hawai'i
Love always for Hawai'i