On Monday, August 12, 2002 we celebrated Kalina's birthday (I'm not telling which one) with our dear friends and traveling companions Del & Paka.  They took us out to Applebee's for a wonderful steak dinner.  (The only steaks better than Applebees' are the ones Paka makes.  What a cook!  Hers  are "da besess!" No joke!)

Del & Paka

This is Tara, our server.  She did a great job of taking care of us.  I snapped this photo right after her and the crew of servers finished singing "Happy Birthday" to Kalina.

A "Happy Birthday" ice cream sundae!

After shopping for a while, we went back to Del's & Paka's

Time for a gift!

It's LILO ! !  Perfect for our Hawaii room.  A great addition to Kalina's Hawaiian doll collection!