My friend Bill asked me to go to his class with him and be his guinea pig.  I thought, "Hey, free do… Why not"!  But when we got there the guru stylist that was teaching the class needed someone to demonstrate on for the class and he chose me.  So I got this super cool "Hair Helmet" style job from the hottest men's hair stylist in St. Louis.  They called him Mr. Somebody... I forget.  I knew the style job wouldn't last very long since I worked in a machine shop at a steel factory so I had a couple of pictures taken to remember it by.  The pictures got lost among all my stuff and I forgot all about them until I recently discovered them while  getting ready to move after living in the same place for 34 years.   That hair helmet was more than half a lifetime ago, and now I gladly share those proud and glorious moments with you. All that remains today of that glorious pompadour is about 8 or 10 strands of hair that I buzz off with my electric razor.  (See photo at left).  I wish I still had my hair, but if I had to trade what I have in my head now for what I had on my head back then, I think I'd pass.