6:00 a.m. Wednesday Morning… Even before the sun peeked over Diamond Head we spotted our friends' ship cruising into port.   They were due to dock about 7:30, but arrived earlier. 

Kalina on the dock in front of the Legend of the Seas.  Should'a used the flash...

I love it when a plan comes together… We flew 4000 miles and they cruised 4000 miles and we all arrived at the right place and time. 

Before a cruise ship lets folks off they have to go through customs and people who are catching flights home have first priority in leaving the ship.  When a customs officer saw Kalina and & waiting with leis she told us that our friends probably wouldn't be able to get off the ship until 10 or 10:30 since they weren't going to the airport.  She told us we could go get breakfast, shop, and come back if we didn't want to sit and wait.   We told her, "Thanks, but we'll wait.  If anybody can get off the ship early it will be Paka. 

Sure enough, at 8:10 a.m. I snapped the picture above.  They were among the first 10 people to leave the ship.  Andy went with the expressed purpose of buying a nice Kamaka ukeulele.  You can see him holding it up high for me to see… "Mission accomplished!"

Kele & Paka ride the escalator down to the luggage pickup area of customs.

Check-in at the Prince Kuhio

With only a few days to spend on the island, we didn't waste any time.  After dropping our bags at the hotel we took off for the North Shore traveling up through the middle of the island.  Our first stop was at the Aloha Stadium Flea Market.  It is huge!  Vendors set up their merchandise in a double rows all the way around the stadium.  It's a great place to find whatever you're looking for at discount prices.

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