My Writings...


These 62 short pieces were written as articles for our church newsletter between 1998 and 2000.  I hope you find them helpful, thoughtful, inspirational, and motivational.  They reflect my Christian faith and my personal philosophy.  Please note… The material on the following pages is all Copyright © 2001 by Roger Wright.. 

A Chocolate Cross
A Corner of Contrasts
A Jar of Rocks
A Time to Forget
A Work of Art
Against the Wind
An Opportunity
Be a World Changer
Boulder or Bolder?
Bungee Jumping into Eternity
College or Prison?
Energy Crisis
Expect Delays
Fear Not
Fly the Plane
Harvest Day
He Knows Your Name
Important Decisions
Lawn Care for the Soul
Let the Music Play
Living Poolside
Making Change
Mother's Day
Not By Bread Alone
Our Most Limited Resource

Praise the Lord
Seeing the Dream
Survival Kit for Y2K and Beyond
Surviving Change
The Auction
The Hourglass
The Parade
The Paradise Principle
The Partnership
The Pathway
The Power to Become
The Three Greatest Abilities
The True and the False
Three Questions
Traditional Values
Trust the Architect
Victim or Victor?
Virtual Worship
Watch and Pray
What Do You Say?
What Do You See?
What Do You Want?
What My Knee Taught Me
What Will You Do With What You Have?
What's That in Your Hand?
Who Do You Belong To?
Why Not Just Send an Angel?
Your High Calling
Your Personal Philosophy