Your High Calling


Can you imagine what a great carpenter Jesus must have been?Iím sure that there were many from his hometown that shook their heads in amazement when he left it all to begin his ministry.In spite of his skill as a carpenter, he knew he had a higher calling.He sensed it as a young boy.In the temple, at age 12, he told Joseph and Mary that he had to be about his Fatherís business.Arenít you glad he followed his highest calling?


The apostle Paul was a tentmaker.Iím sure that he was probably a good tent maker.But that wasnít his high calling.That was how he made his living.His passion for following Christ led him to become a great evangelist and missionary.Because he followed his high calling untold millions have come to Christ.His life is still impacting the lives of people today.


History is full of examples of people whose lives were heading in one direction, but at some point they sensed a higher calling.Somehow these people sensed that they could become more than they already were.They sensed they had a higher gift.When people follow their high calling, their life begins to touch the lives of others in a new way.


Jesus came to the home of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus.Martha was busy working in the kitchen preparing for everyone.Mary, however, was sitting at the feet of Jesus soaking in everything he said.Martha complained that she need Maryís help, but Jesus told her, ďMartha, Martha, you are worried and upset about many things. But only one thing is needed.Mary has chosen what is better and it will not be taken away from her.Ē(Luke 10:41-42).There was the calling of meal preparation.There was also the calling of a unique opportunity to learn from Jesus.Iím sure it was a good meal.But Iím also sure it was eventually forgotten.Rather than wash dishes, Mary listened to the Lord.She sensed a higher calling.


Have you ever sensed a higher calling?Iím sure youíre good at what you do, but have you ever sensed that there is something else, something more you should be doing?Have you ever had a nagging sense that there is something special you are meant to do?If so, Iíd encourage you to listen to your heart.


Can you imagine what church would be like if everyone who had the gift of music sang?What if everyone with a gift of teaching taught?What if everyone practiced his or her highest gift?Wouldnít that revolutionize our church!


Because he had to be about his Fatherís business, Jesus knew he had to leave the carpenter shop.If you are to be about the Fatherís business youíll have to leave something too.It may not be what you do for a living.Maybe it will just mean leaving the old ways of thinking.Perhaps it will mean giving up some of your free time.One thing is for sure: it will mean leaving your comfort zone.Whatever you have to leave to follow you high calling, I urge you to leave it.Be like Mary, not MarthaÖ choose what is better.Seize the opportunity to follow your high calling.