Who Do You Belong To?


There are some things that tend to polarize people.  Like cats.  Most folks tend to either love them or hate them.  There just doesn’t seem to be much middle ground when it comes to the subject.  Darline and I were talking to some friends from Kentucky the other day.  It seems that Barry and Shirley are both avowed cat haters.  What makes this interesting is the fact that they have four cats.  The reason?  Their kids are cat lovers.


Of the four cats they share their home with, Wiggles is the hardest for them to tolerate.  Wiggles belongs to their youngest daughter.  She is crazy about Wiggles.  She dotes on her.  Their daughter was especially excited when it became obvious that Wiggles was expecting a litter of kittens.  She had been taking very special care of Wiggles, giving her extra warm milk, holding her, petting her, and nurturing her more than usual for the past few weeks. 


Barry and Shirley came home late one night last week after all the kids were in bed and found Wiggles wandering around somewhat confused.  It was clear that she had given birth to her kittens, but wasn’t sure what to do.  So they began caring for Wiggles.  Shirley held her and petted her to calm her down.  Barry began searching for the kittens.  They stayed with Wiggles, caring for her until 2:00 A.M.  They both said repeatedly, “I can’t believe we’re caring for this cat like this.”


As Shirley lay down at last to go to sleep, she said the Lord spoke to her heart and said, “It’s not what that creature is, but whom she belongs to that makes her special and gives her value.”  What's true for a cat is also true for us.  As people, we are all imperfect.  We all have things about us that could make us unlovely.  As Christians, our worth and value is not in what we are, but in whom we belong to.  We have been bought with a price.  That price was the sacrificial death of Jesus.  We belong to Him. 


I think God puts up with us and tolerates us for much the same reason Barry and Shirley took care of Wiggles.  We belong to his son.  Since we belong to the Son we are important to the Father.  Thank God, we serve a patient, loving, forgiving Heavenly Father.  Thank God we belong to Jesus!