What My Knee Taught Me


A few years ago I fell... through the ceiling of the church office.  I don’t have the space here to explain it all so let’s just say I fell.  I broke a rib and bent my right leg around like a pretzel.  To make a long story short, six months later I had to have surgery to repair the damage to the knee.  During that six months I did a lot of limping.  The leg hurt almost constantly.  After a while though, I sort of got used to it. 


One Sunday Zinnie Herring said to me, “Your leg is hurting you isn’t it?”   “No,” I said.  “Then why are you limping?” she asked.  I hadn’t noticed that I had been limping but as I focused my attention on my knee... sure enough,  it WAS hurting!  I was amazed!  I hadn’t noticed the pain until Zinnie called my attention to it.  My body and mind had adjusted my comfort zone to include the chronic pain.  I suddenly discovered that you can be hurting pretty badly and not realize it.


We have different types of comfort zones--- physical, emotional, and spiritual.  The human mind is so adaptive that many times we adjust to some pretty painful situations.  We can be hurting and not realize it.  When that happens, the pain seems normal and natural--- the way things ought to be.  We usually let our comfort zone dictate what we can and should do.  What was designed to protect us and help us survive begins to limit us.


No wonder Paul said in Romans 12:2 “...be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”  That’s the focus of the Sunday Seminar Series.  On Sunday evenings through February we are attempting to get a fresh vision for our lives from the Lord.  God has gifted His people to carry out His work in Collinsville.  We are seeking to find our calling, our assignment, by allowing the Lord to renew our minds.  Won’t you join us.  You might be surprised by what you discover about yourself.