The Greatest Abilities


People are sometimes reluctant to get involved in the work of the church because they feel they lack certain abilities necessary for the task.  Let me share with you what I consider to be the three greatest abilities a person can have. 


First, the greatest ability is availability.  This may be a cliché, but it is also true.  When God called Moses to his great task, Moses had grave reservations about his ability to do what God was asking.  Moses argued with God about his ability to accomplish the task God wanted him to do.  God promised to be with him and to provide everything he needed.  What God needed most from Moses was his availability.  Once Moses became available God did amazing things through him.  It’s not a question of what we can do for God, it’s a question of what He can do through us.  What God needs most from you is your availability.


The next great ability is teachability.  A willingness to learn is one of the most important traits a person can possess.   If a person is willing to learn there’s no telling what they can accomplish.  Never stop being a student.


The third great ability is dependability.  No matter how skilled a person may be at a certain task if they can’t be depended upon to be in place at the appointed time they will eventually lose their place of service.  Being dependable makes up for a lot of other deficits.  There is a lot to be said for just showing up.


While you may not yet have all the knowledge and skills in place to do certain jobs, the three abilities are within the reach of all of us.  Be available, be teachable, and be dependable.  Those are three abilities we all can possess.