Energy Crisis


Last week’s heat wave caused a record-breaking demand for electricity.  Power companies on both sides of the river asked consumers to cut back on energy consumption by turning off all non-essential appliances.  We were warned that if the high demand continued it might result in periodic blackouts of electrical power.  The message was clear: Our capacity to produce power is limited. 


It’s easy to take things like our electrical service and our water supply for granted.  We just continue to add an appliance here, a computer there, not imagining that all these small increases could add up to disaster.


The same is true of our lives as individuals.  Physically, emotionally, and spiritually, we have a limited supply of energy within us.  Over the past several years we have seen an amazing increase in the demands of  life.  There are more things to get involved in and more is expected of us today than ever before.  All these things have gradually, and almost imperceptibly, accumulated and have created another type of energy crisis. 


It is easy to get so busy doing good things that we neglect taking time to recharge spiritually.   We stay up a little later, we get up a little earlier, and if we get done with all of the things we must do, we want to spend time doing the things we want to do.  We get so busy that if we’re not careful, we can let days and weeks slip by without spending time alone with God. 


Personal Bible study, prayer, and meditation on the Word are essential.  You do not have an infinite supply of spiritual energy within you.  We do have an unlimited source of spiritual energy in Jesus Christ, but we must regularly “plug in” and recharge. 


We all have an abundance of “squeaky wheels” in our lives that demand our attention, but Bible study and quiet time alone with God usually isn’t one of them.  We must consciously make it a priority.  Jesus said that life’s greatest priority is to love God with all of our heart, and soul, and mind.  That means that nothing, no matter how loud it squeaks, should displace our time alone with God.  Spend time with God today.  Avoid an energy crisis.