I was at a composer’s symposium in Nashville.  The topic being discussed was inspiration and creativity.  The question posed to the group was, “What do you do to find inspiration?”  (Musicians, writers, poets and the like are always looking for inspiration.)  Some said they were inspired by listening to music.  Others said that when they needed to be inspired they read the Bible and prayed.  Others went for walks in nature.  Finally, someone asked one of our teachers Tom Fettke, an unbelievably prolific composer/arranger of sacred music what he found most inspiring.  “Deadlines,” he said, “I find deadlines very inspiring.” 


We all laughed because we realized he was right.  Much of the time we live by deadlines don’t we?  Getting to work or school on time, buying that gift or card before the birthday, being ready for final exams... all these are deadlines.  One deadline we all share and know best is April 15. 


My own life seems like a series of deadlines.  There’s always something to prepare for: Wednesday evening Bible study, Choir rehearsal, the Sunday bulletin, two sermons, a Reminder article, then it all repeats.  All week long I try to be on the lookout for inspiration, but here I sit at 5:30 a.m. typing away, not because the creative muse has visited me, but because this is due in the office in three hours.


Deadlines play an important role in all of our lives.  Some we meet, some we miss.  Some deadlines glare at us threateningly.  Others simply pass unnoticed.  I have learned that the really important deadlines tend to be the quiet type.  They pass unnoticed until we realize the cumulative result of neglect. 


There are some deadlines you don’t want to miss.  Like today.  Today is a deadline.  It will pass and it’s results will be sealed for eternity.  Psalm 118:24 says,  “This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”  Many times we have a tendency to think, “I’ll be glad when I get past these deadlines and can relax.”  The problem with living like that is that if we wait for the conditions around us to create an atmosphere of happiness we’ll miss a lot of happiness.   To live that way is to give control of your life over to the circumstances around you.  That causes you to feel powerless.


Take charge!  Find something to rejoice about and be glad about it... today!


But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today.  Heb 3:13 is the time of God's favor, now is the day of salvation.  2 Cor 6:2