Be a World Changer


Just before he ascended into heaven Jesus gave his followers what we have come to call the Great Commission.It was a call to go out and change the world.Our mission as the people of God has not changed.We are still under the mandate to change the world for Christ.As we have seen in studying the Lordís Prayer, the second element of that prayer is a petition that Godís kingdom would come and His will would be done on earth in the same way that it is in heaven.


The goal of changing the world is a high and lofty one.It staggers the imagination, especially when we try to consider how we as individuals might bring it about.And therein lies the major obstacle.When we look at the size of the task and then take personal inventory, we can easily feel overwhelmed.After all, weíre only one person.Chances are we see ourselves as having little influence, especially on a global scale.Sometimes when we realize that we canít do everything, we donít do anything.


God doesnít expect us, as individuals, to change the whole world by ourselves.But he does expect each of His children to do their part.Maybe we canít change the world, but we can change our world.When we pray, ďThy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,Ē the place on earth to begin is in our own lives.The most important place for us to bring in the kingdom of God is into the six inches of real estate that lies between our ears.When the kingdom of God is firmly established in our minds our world will change.Our thoughts, words, and deeds will reflect the love, compassion, and power of God.When God fully rules in our lives we reach out to those at our fingertips.We begin to influence others for the kingdom of God, and consequently we begin to change the world.


When we desire to change the world, the place to begin is with ourselves.To be able to bring true healing to a hurting world we need to experience healing ourselves.Right now, you may not feel like you can change the world, but you can ask the Lord to change your world.And as you allow him to touch your life youíll find that you are changing the world.†† Be a world changer!