A Corner of Contrasts


I needed a new desk so Darline and I went shopping.We looked at all types of desks at several places.I considered size, price, practicality, and finally made my decision based on the factor that ultimately rules most decisions -- emotion.I bought an old-fashioned roll-top desk because I liked the way it made me feel.


That desk reminds me of a simpler time-- my childhood.It brings to mind images of mom and dad and fountain pens and ink blotters.


My new desk sits on the wall adjacent to my computer desk.I can sit at my computer and tap into instant news and information from around the world through the Internet, then swivel 90 degrees, take my fountain pen, and write a personal letter to an individual on real paper, which I send via ďsnail-mailĒ.


I have a technology wall and a tradition wall.This corner of contrasts represents to me the challenge facing every individual, family, business, and certainly the church today: How do we embrace the future without rejecting the past?


I guess maybe Iím just the right age.I have one foot in the past, the other one in the future.Iím old enough to remember when right was right and wrong was wrong and everyone pretty well agreed on which was which.I remember Howdy Doody, the ice man, and wanting desperately to become a Mouseketeer.


But Iím still young enough to enjoy jumping into the World Wide Web, listening to live radio from Hawaii through my computer, and staying in instant touch with friends around the world via e-mail.


Meadow Heights is at a great time in her history.We have a rich heritage and a firm foundation upon which to build.We have an opportunity to show the world how a people with a diversity of age and background can see the necessity and value of one another and embrace the future while respecting the past.


Will we really be able to pull it off?Because Meadow Heights has the Holy Spirit of God as her guide, I know she can.Because Meadow Heights is made up of people, I hope she will.