A Chocolate Cross


I consider myself a fairly open-minded individual.Iím not easily offended or shocked, and I try to keep up with the times.I donít want to do away with Santa Claus and Christmas trees in order to get back to the true meaning of Christmas.And Iím not especially opposed to the Easter Bunny.But I think I finally reached my limit.


While strolling down the aisle of a local store I passed the Easter baskets and candy.There on the end shelf it caught my eye---a cross made out of white chocolate.Iíll admit the first thing that got my attention was the fact that it was white chocolate.Since I hadnít eaten, my food detector was set on scan.But no matter how much I love chocolate, and no matter how hungry I get, I find it offensive and disgusting that candy makers and merchandisers would stoop to profaning the most sacred Christian symbol is such a way.


Thereís just something about the idea of eating a cross that seems sacrilegious and pagan.I suppose thatís really the problem.Our society has become so pagan that we no longer possess the spiritual sophistication to realize what is acceptable and what isnít.Itís not that the lines between the sacred and the secular are blurred; itís just that the sacred doesnít exist any more for much of our nation.


These are interesting times we live in.There is a great deal of emphasis on being politically correct.†† Offending someone or discriminating against their lifestyle can land you in jail.I guess that I was just a little surprised that in this climate of tolerance someone at the chocolate factory didnít ask, ďIs this a good idea?Ē


The reality is that our current emphasis on tolerance for diversity is only aimed toward tolerating sin.It is not really extended toward traditional values and religion.Maybe itís not a big deal to anyone else, but as far as Iím concerned they can keep the bunnies, the eggs, and the little chickens, but leave the Christian cross out of the basket.