You meet some of the nicest people inside the Aloha Tower… I got the chance for some more Kodak moments with Jerome (left) and John (right) Koko of the Makaha Sons after the Ho'olaulea was over.  People were just hanging around "talkin' story" while the sound men tore down.

Del and I even got the chance to meet Bruddah Wade, one of the dee jays at KINE.  Bruddah Wade has more aloha in his little finger than most people have in their whole body.  What a great guy!

Day 3… Sept. 11, 1999
The Floral Parade

Here's Kalina sitting on the sunny side of the street (Kalakaua Ave.) waiting for the start of the big Aloha Festival Floral Parade.  This parade is taped in September every year and then play on network TV on Thanksgiving Day along with Macy's parade.  That's Paka and Del standing just past Kalina...

I went across the street and snapped this picture of our gang waiting for the parade to start.  That's Andy with the umbrella.  Bobbie is in the white top and black shorts directly below the statue of Duke Kahanamoku.  Kalina is in the green chair and Paka and Del are next to her.  Del's sighting through his camera getting it ready.

The Parade was beautiful… Here, the Royal Court lead the way.