Friday evening was the big Downtown Honolulu Ho'olaulea, a big block party where they close the streets and have food and craft booths and several stages with lots and lots of top name entertainment.  When we arrived at the Aloha Tower who do you think was the first person we saw?  Aloha Joe!  Actually, I think he saw us and came up to greet us.  After we talked a few minutes he took us over to the stage at the foot of the Aloha Tower that was sponsored by Hawaiian 105, KINE FM and introduced us to the hottest new group called "Imua."  These guys were really friendly and outgoing.  They were full of the aloha spirit.

By the way, if you want to check out any of the artists I mention on this website just go to Hawaiian Music Island and look them up in their catalog.  Auntie Maria has lots of RealAudio samples of all the groups you can listen to!

We weren't sure who would be playing on what stage that night, but it couldn't have been a better lineup!  After Imua had sung for almost an hour, we decided to check out another stage across the street and down a block.  We got there just as one of our favorite groups, the Makaha Sons, were starting up.   They are one of the best known Hawaiian groups worldwide.  I think that the best moment of their concert was when they sang what is perhaps their best known song, the beautiful "White Sandy Beach." Again, this was a dream come true.  I had said earlier that day, I wish we could see the Makaha Sons,  but I didn't really expect that to happen. 

After the Makaha Sons concert, we went back to the Aloha Tower stage and another superstar favorite of ours, Robi Kahakalau was about to perform.  She had asked the Makaha Sons to come over and help her and sure enough, they showed up and sang two songs with her.  Robi has the coolest voice.  If you're not familiar with her music, go now to Hawaiian Music Island and listen to her voice.  I suggest "Kauai Nani La" as a great song to listen to.

After they finished singing with Robi, her band came onstage along with recording artist, Jeff Rasmussen (formerly with the Pandanas Club) and a vocal backup group called "Pacific Blue."  I could not believe how many of my favorite artists we had met and seen in the past 24 hours. 

After the concert we had the opportunity to meet some of the stars.  Here I capture a kodak moment with Robi

Here we are with Albert "Baba" Akiona and Dave Dunaway of Imua

Imua onstage

The Makaha Sons:
John Koko - bass, Jerome Koko--12 string guitar, and Moon Kauakahi--6 string guitar

Robi Kahakalau with the Makaha Sons

Jeff Rasmussen

Lokela & Robi Kahakalau
(The little girl was with Robi)