Joe sat down and talked for several minutes then said, "Let me go get my wife.  She's over at another table".  Soon Aloha Joe and his wife Helen were sitting with us talking story.  Helen is from Hilo, Hawaii (The Big Island).   Like us, they had just flown in, dropped their bags in their room, and headed for the Poolside terrace.  What a great time we had.  Joe and Helen were so much fun to talk with and they gave us a lot of tips on where to be and what to see during the week.  In his email newsletter he had said, "If you're going to the Aloha Festival, look for me… I'll be EVERYWHERE!!!"  We found that to be true.  We kept running into him all week, and as you will see, in some pretty unexpected places!

What an unbelievable night!  After their first hour-long set, Moe and his band took a break.  Guess where he headed?  Right to our table to visit with us.  What a great guy!  I couldn't believe I was sitting there in paradise right beside a living legend.  We talked and laughed until it was time for him to go back onstage.  I am a musician and for ten years had been listening to Hawaiian Radio and collecting Hawaiian cd's (I now have over 230)   Also, I'd recorded 20, ninety-minute cassettes of KINE FM radio on a boombox whenever we went to Hawaii, then listen to them back home in my car as I drove through the snow.  I have 100 cassettes.  In other words I have a passion for Hawaiian music.  (Some people think it's an obsession… whatever.)  To be "hangin' out" with some of my heros was unbelievable.  In my wildest dreams I hadn't expected this.   

Then it kept getting better!  After the show we got to meet and talk to Mel Amina and Analu Aina!  This was too cool!  What a couple of great guys… and humble too!  This was one of the most exciting evenings of my life!  If we had gone home the next day, I would have already gotten my money's worth.  But the fun was just beginning.  This was just the first night of a 10-day trip!

Aloha Joe meets the gang:  Andy, Joe, Bobbie, Paka.

Our waitress was kind enough to snap this Kodak moment for us.  From left, clockwise:

Andy, Bobbie, Paka, Del, Lokela, Joe, Helen, Kalina. 

Moe Keale & Lokela

Mel Amina, Lokela, Kalina, Analu Aina

Day 2… Sept. 10, 1999
The Downtown Ho'olaulea

After a great breakfast (at Smorgy's again) we went back to the condo and grabbed the super-neat sign my sister Jane had made for me.  It folded in 1/4 it's size and packed easily into my suitcase.  We were going to make contact with my brother, the Pineapple Man .  At that time the Honolulu Traffic Camera System broadcast live pictures over the web from over 50 cameras located throughout the island.  We had planned ahead of time to stand in front of the camera at Kalakaua and Kaiulani and wave to him.  He didn't know about the sign though.  Since the camera system only sent screen captures about every 2 minutes, we had to stand there for quite a while to be sure we were in the picture.  We got some pretty inquisitive looks from the passers by.  One fellow asked, "Who's the Pineapple Man, some kind of Super-Hero?"  I said, "Yeah, sort of… He's my brother". 

The Pineapple Man caught us on the web and saved the pictures.

Andy, Lokela, Kalina, Paka, Del

That's us in the lower right corner of the picture.  The lighting isn't good, but you can see the sign.